Qaj and the ITC Surround the Mediterranean

Star Date – Whatever

OK, we are fried. Very cool meetings over the last two days near Gaza and in Tel Aviv.

  • Some really scary (but also sometimes cool)
    • the situation near Gaza (and the amazing anti-tunnel technology they have developed, some on their own and some with the US);
    • the northern Border situation and the stockpiled Hezbollah rockets
  • Some really uplifting, — the Abraham Accords and a visit with the ambassador from Bahrain
  • And one really both hysterical and moving about an Israeli TV series “The New Jew” that showed what Israelis can and should learn from US Jews and was a big hit when it aired here (not yet available in the US, but they are working on it).

We also did morning yoga on the beach (the ITC survived, but barely) and made it to the Carmel Market where the ITC purchased his favorite spice, labelled “chicken.”

It’s Monday night as we type this and we are getting ready for tomorrow, which will bring our final day of meetings and then our departure for the airport at about 7:30 pm. Take off is scheduled for 12:45 am Wednesday and we are scheduled to arrive in LA at 6:00 am local time.

So this will be our final post for this trip. There were no real photo ops since leaving Jerusalem, so we will leave you with these fortuitous sunset shots from Tel Aviv from tonight.


So long until the Idiot travels again.